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First Time Home Buyers 101


I was asked the other day if I could post information about the process to buy a home by a first time home buyer. This is not an uncommon question! I talked with another couple on Sunday who had questions about how it works, who they're supposed to talk to, what expenses, what do they sign, and more! There is so much information out there and I would love to break it down for those of you who have questions! I'll be featuring steps each week and the importance of being ready to buy a home, having the right team, and information. 

The best first step is to find a lender (preferably local). The lender will be working with you to know what your budget will be, what type of loan you will qualify for, how much money you'll need for a down payment, closing costs, etc. Before you start shopping you need to know what your price range will be for a home. If you aren't ready to buy a home you can still meet with a lender and make a plan. They can run your credit and talk you through the process to be in a position to buy a home. It's a relationship, and a good local lender will take the time to get to know you, and help you! They're trained to help with financial matters and can advise you on how best to be ready to shop for a home! If you need recommendations for local lenders let me know! We have incredible lenders in our area who would love to help!! I also don't get paid from recommending lenders, I do it because it matters to have a great lender. It makes you a better buyer, increases your chances of getting your offer accepted, and will make your financial life much easier!

I've uploaded a video on my YouTube channel about the first two people you'll want to talk with in buying a home! One of course is a lender and the other is finding a trusted real estate advisor!!! 

Featured Listing 1860 Weikel Road, Yakima 98908

Last Saturday I hosted an Open House at 1860 Weikel Road, and I was absolutely enchanted with the home and property! It's a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with over 2200 square feet, and incredible views of the Naches Heights area!!

There is so much character and charm throughout the home, and property! The home was built in 1950 and while it retains it's original character has many updates! The home sits on 4.95 irrigated acres and has so much to offer.

Outside is a huge shop and room to park, grow and play! You can check out the listing here, and I highly recommend making an appointment to view this home in person! Thanks to Haley Larson for for letting me share this home, an host the open house!

Featured Business- Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Central WA


I love where I work! Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Central WA is a wonderful office! We bought our home three years ago through the very same office, and had a wonderful experience. Then in October 2017 I decided to find out more about the idea of working in Real Estate and came to BHHS Central WA to find out more! I knew if I was going to work in real estate it would be there. I didn't look anywhere else, I knew the quality of service they offered, the training and mentorship, the integrity that comes with the Berkshire name. And when I started in April 2018 I was quickly aware of the significance of being a Berkshire Hathaway agent, and the respect and ideals that came with our brand. 

I was very fortunate to go to the Annual Convention last week in Las Vegas, and hearing the values, the ideas, and the emphasis and reinforcement on being someone who helps people all the time, not just working from transaction to transaction made me so proud.  I love that I have the resources, knowledge and team of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Central behind me. If you're interested in finding out more about this amazing company you can visit the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Central website or of course you can always ask me!

Featured Business- CM Fresh Perspectives Interior Design


I love my job! One aspect that I thoroughly enjoy is meeting other professionals in the home/real estate business. There are great businesses, lenders, inspectors, realtors, and more that are all about serving their customers, providing quality service and are delightful to work with throughout the entire process (and beyond)! I had the privilege of meeting up with Caitie McQuaid yesterday, and hearing about her company CM Fresh Perspectives, which is an interior design company based in Yakima. Caitie is an artist first and foremost, and her love and passion for what she does shines through in her work and when talking about the service she offers clients. 

Caitie got started at a young age, seeing her Dad do interior/home design, and being an artist, she was involved and exposed to seeing how home design worked. She also used to do the SIMS game (I love that!) just to build and design houses, and knew that she wanted to do interior design. She went to a design school in Chicago, and then finished up at MSU in Bozeman. When she moved to Yakima five years ago she knew she didn't want to work at a store but wanted to be personally connected to projects and started CM Fresh Perspectives in 2016. 

CM Fresh Perspectives offer space planning, interior architectural detail design, with specialties in Kitchen and Bath Planning. Caitie is able to translate any style to satisfy the desires of an assortment of different clients. Her personal design style consists of a balance of natural, farmhouse and modern materials and décor. She also has budget-friendly, offers tiered pricing and can do anything from help make a plan that clients can implement themselves to 100% hands on from start to finish. She works on offices, whole and partial home remodels, businesses, and more! Her consolation is free, and she gives her client's her discounts with vendors, which doesn't always happen when you work with interior designers. Her business is to help provide quality service to clients, and she works with and can recommend other vendors, contractors, etc. 

I asked Caitie some questions to find more about her and her business:

Me: What are your favorite jobs to work on?

Caitie McQuaid: I like so many! They're each so different. I love a new build or full remodel because it's a blank canvas and you can be so creative and showcase my work/artistry. 

Me: What are your favorite materials to work with on jobs?

CM: Right now, luxury vinyl planks! They're scratch resistant, waterproof, durable, easy to install, and they're not trying to be wood, it's a different product, but you can install in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and even on walls. 

Me: If you were buying a home, what's your favorite type of home?

CM: If not a new build, then a 1920/1940 Craftsman, I love the details (and here is where we talked about our mutual love of historic homes, the moldings, the details, and all we loved for a very long while)

Me: What advice would you give someone who is thinking of remodeling or utilizing your services?

CM: It can be so overwhelming with all the choices, options and materials, so I advise to take it one room at a time. Talk to a professional. It's our job, and you can trust us to make the process easier and give you the results you're dreaming for. 

Me: Favorite local restaurant?

CM: Crafted! The Chef's Menu is amazing! Also Cowiche Canyon is very good!

I had such a nice time chatting with Caitie about her business, her family, and we also talked about Yakima, the growth the area is seeing, and potential for both of our businesses. She is one of those people you love to chat with and I am excited to work with Caitie as a professional (and hopefully on my own home in the future). You can learn more about CM Fresh Perspectives, Caitie, and see some of her work on her Facebook page

Featured Listing 224 S 17th Avenue


Despite the snow that is falling today, it's March, and Spring is just around the corner!
They're been more houses coming on in the last few weeks and I've seen some wonderful homes come on the market! 

This week's Featured listing is 224 S 17th Avenue, listed by the Invest in Yakima team, and being offered at $235,000.
It's an adorable craftsman style brick bungalow in the Franklin Park neighborhood! Built in 1928 it offers almost 2400 square feet! I love the fireplace!

I love all the natural light in these rooms, and the hardwood floors are beautiful!!! 

This is a fabulous home with lots of space and charm! Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an updated kitchen!
A nice fenced back yard and two car garage, it also offers an office space, has a fully finished basement, and two separate living areas! 

I love the details in this charming house! The original moldings, high ceilings, french doors, and glass doorknobs (I love glass doorknobs).
It also has lots of storage space, which is always great!!! You can find out more about this listing
Here's one last picture without snow so you can see what it will look like in the next few weeks! 

For more information or to see this home you contact me! I'd love to show it!

Featured Business- Baxter Construction LLC


As a Realtor it's nice to have resources when you need them! I recently had an inspection and needed a contractor to check on cracks in a foundation. I ended up calling Baxter Construction LLC and Brice, the owner of Baxter Construction, came for the additional inspection and crawled around the crawlspace under the house (amid many spiders). We ended up closing on the house and I was so impressed with the service that Brice gave my clients that I asked more about Baxter Construction and was invited to tour their facilities. 

If you haven't worked with Baxter Construction or seen their facilities at 2521 River Road they're incredibly impressive! The entire operation, which has been offering service for more than 24 years, is organized, professional and has so much to offer in services! They offer First Response Emergency services, insurance restoration, remodel services, have an incredible woodshop that can make pretty much anything you could imagine, and they have a handyman service that I would like to use myself! I actually saw their kitchen remodel on the Tour of Homes and it was gorgeous!!! 

I toured the entire facility and it was huge! They use items throughout the facility to show customers what's available (like different styles of wood benches, etc). They have an efficient, and organized way to be the best at responding to needs of customers and not wasting time and money. They have almost a Home Depot in the warehouse where employees can get things they need for a job rather than going and shopping and using time needed to get things done. Everything from tools, insulation, wood beams, you name it they have it on site! They are huge on education and have a large classroom that is constantly being used to train and educate staff. The area to clean up items affected by fire, water damage, etc. was immaculately clean and organized. 

My favorite service that they offer is the Handyman services, it's a three hour minimum and is about $300. Their handyman can care, repair and maintain your home or business, tackle tasks you may not be comfortable doing yourself or don't have the time.  They're licensed, bonded, and insured! If you have the materials they just take care of it! At my house we have a laundry list of items we need to take care of and I'm seriously considering using the handyman service to change out hard to reach lightbulbs, fill in a hole in the wall, and other things!

They're so much more to Baxter and I'd invite you to check out their website and/or call to schedule an appointment to go over the services they offer! Thanks to Brice and Baxter Construction for the great tour!!! 

Featured Lender- Angie Giussi with Evergreen Home Loans


My very first client was a buyer who is the son of a friend, and as every good Realtor finds out up front, I asked which lender he was working with for his home loan. Thankfully, he was working with a local lender, and it was Angie Giussi with Evergreen Home Loans. I hadn't worked with Angie, but made it a point to meet her and get to know her, since working with lenders is a big part of getting successfully to the closing process. Angie made the whole experience seamless, helped my first time home buyer, kept things right on track, even locked him in at a lower rate before they went up, and everything closed on time! My buyer had many questions throughout the process and it was so nice to have a local and professional lender who helped him with all of his (and my) financial questions. I've sent other first time buyers to Angie, because I know how professional and patient she is with all clients.  We have some incredible local lenders in our area and sometimes matching up clients with lenders is like being a matchmaker. Matching needs, personalities, etc. I love knowing that my clients are in good hands with Angie. 

Angie graciously agreed to sit down and answer my questions, and it's always fun finding out more about people!!! 

Me: What are your favorite things to do?
Angie: I'm a walker, I like to walk and look at houses and landscaping. I love getting ideas from houses while I'm walking. I'm a huge family person, and love my family (almost all of my family lives in the area). I have a one year old grandson and going to have another grandson in the Spring! I love Spring, planting flowers, working in the yard, and having a pool in the summer. I love to travel and wish I could travel more!

Me: Where are your favorite local places to eat?
Angie: Zesta Cucina! I love how the update and change their menu! They have great seafood options too! E.Z. Tiger, Xochimilco Tequila Bar & Restaurant has great Mexican food and atmosphere. I grew up in Selah so King's Row is a favorite. We used to pile up in cars while we were in school and eat there for lunch. My favorite is the King's Row Special with a chocolate milkshake. Abby's Legendary Pizza has the best pizza in town!

Me: What makes you different as a lender?
Angie: Communication. Being available to help, I always try to answer my phone and if I can't I call back by the end of the day! I text too to let them know I will get back to them! I love to help everyone and have diverse clients with different stories and situations. 

Me: What advice to you like to give new clients or first time buyers?
Angie: I like educating them on the necessities, and about different programs that are available. If they are new to this and have no idea how the process works I like to start a plan, educating them and work with clients long-term. It's so rewarding to help them get into a house. I like working with them throughout the process from beginning to end, it's so rewarding. And I like telling people that this process of buying a home is not as hard as you think!

Me: What would you look for if you were going to buy a home?
Angie: Curb appeal! And of course all the other pieces need to fall into place (a home that would work). Of course, location, location, location, and one that my family would like. 

A big thank you to Angie for taking time to answer these questions and always being available to help clients, and myself!! You can find out more information and connect with Angie on her Facebook page or website!

Featured Listing 4 N 16th Avenue

First off, I love a historic home! I love imagining the stories that are part of these grand homes! Families that loved them, friends that visited, adventures that happened. It's food for the imagination! This Grand Lady at 4 North 16th Avenue is a gem! Built in 1905 she sits high above the avenue and I can only imagine horse drawn carriages going by, the family sitting out on the wipe wrap around porch watching friends go by. This home was once the Dills-Harrison Home, and is on the National Historic Society Registry (I've totally been intrigued by the history of this house and may have to make a second post!). 


It has park like setting around the front, and the details outside are a wonderful as the ones you'll find inside! Lions that are on the front steps, a big front entrance, and charm all around! 

The inside has over 4600 square feet. Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, parlor and formal dining room. Lots of space on all levels- the home has a full basement with a large multi-use room, workshop, storage and laundry room. There is an unfinished attic that also would make a charming additional bonus room. There is also a two car garage outside on a lot over half an acre. You can find out the details on the listing here. It's listed with Kenneth James Blehm III of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Central.

The charm of this gorgeous home are the details throughout- the leaded windows, the crown molding, the fireplace, the claw foot tub, woodworking and craftsmanship throughout. If you haven't seen this home, it needs to be seen! It would be an incredible home for a family, or perfect for a bed and breakfast. It also has features you won't find in a modern home- a back staircase from the maid's room to the kitchen, the widest wrap around porch, a grand staircase that would give you quite the entrance! The fixtures and even the furnishings (some which are for sale) are enchanting! 


I'm so proud to feature this listing and can't wait to see who will make this home their own in the near future! Please enjoy these beautiful details (like these hand painted gold details).

Featured Business Melody Lane Dance Music and Drama Academy

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Melody Lane Dance Music and Drama Academy!!! We've been going to for three years! Miss Sarah (Sarah Marquis) was our first teacher for Dance Explorers, which was a combination tap/ballet class for three year olds and up. We had such a great experience, and Sarah was so sweet, patient and great with both of my kids (our son was born a few months after we started and both of our kids were so loved and welcomed)! We came back the next year for Dance Explorers Two, and we loved it just as much as the first year. They do age appropriate lessons, work on skill building, get to have beautiful photos done by Gary Delp, and have a recital at the end of the year (with totally adorable costumes too). 

But it's not just about the costumes, and tap shoes! I love being part of the community at Melody Lane! There are kids of all ages doing all sorts of classes (dance, music, private lessons, drama, and more). There are families there supporting them and one another. They offer summer programming, and great performances. It's always busy, and active and a place where you feel welcome. About a year ago Sarah became the owner and we couldn't be happier! The whole place is so positive, encouraging, and engaging! Sarah is always putting together great programs, ideas and thoughtful things for everyone to participate in (Valentines Grams, etc.)! They put on their first Nutcracker performance in December, and now my daughter wants to audition next year! We're still beginners there (Ballet 1), but we look forward to many more years and opportunities to grow there! We love all the staff there and couldn't be happier! If you're curious about Melody Lane give them a call! You can take your first class for free! You can follow them on Facebook for more information too!

What to Offer?

This is a question that I often get asked by buyers. How much should I offer? Can I go below asking? Do you think they'll take...? 
First off, every house and every offer for a house will be different. I'm assuming that you are pre-qualified, know what your budget is, and what you're able to afford.
You have to look at the circumstances. Here are just a few questions to consider when thinking about what to offer for a home

Has your Realtor done a CMA on the house/property? Is it priced correctly? Is it within the range of the low/high on the CMA? Good place to start!

How long has the house/property been on the market? If it's a brand new listing, then going low right at first might not get the house. If it's been on for a while, and it's not a luxury home (or at a price range that doesn't move as quickly), then you may consider going below asking price. 

Are there multiple offers on the house/property? If there are then you'll want to go at least at asking price (and consider your down payment, earnest money, closing date, etc. to make your offer competitive). 

What is the condition of the house? What are your plans for the house? Does it need lots of work and remodeling? How much money will it take to get the house to where you want it? If there are issues at inspection and you've gone way under asking price they may not be as amiable to fix your entire list of requests. 

Is this your dream home? Is this the one you've been searching for and can't live without? You may want to make your best offer so you can get the home you want!

These are just a few areas to consider when thinking about what to offer for a home/property. Having a Realtor to help and advise you in this area is invaluable! They will know what similar homes have gone for, can do a CMA, will know how long the home has sat on the market, and can talk to the listing agent to see if there's other details to consider (like multiple offers, motivated sellers, etc.). You still get to decide what you want to offer, but it's great to take a professional's advice into consideration so you can get the home you want!
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